Biography of Ankit Bhati – Biography of Ola founder Ankit Bhati

Ankit Bhati is known as the founder and chief technology officer of Ola cabs. He founded the Ola company in the year 2010 along with his partner Bhavish Aggarwal. Along with this, Ankit Bhati is also the co-founder of ANI Technology. Biography of Ankit Bhati – In this article of ours today, we will get information about the biography of Ankit Bhati, the founder of Ola.

Biography of Ankit Bhati

In India, they have earned a big name in the industry like Car Cab. Mostly we go for sightseeing anywhere we need vehicles on rent. And renting vehicles in a new place can be very difficult. But, both Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati together started a startup on the same idea. This startup has spread all over India in no time. In his startup, he launched his website through Android application and other platforms. Where you can go and rent a car for yourself. His idea was very much liked by those people who like to roam. Why don’t you go to any city? With the help of Ola, you can rent a car anywhere. Ankit Bhati is known as the co-founder of Ola company. Let’s know about his life.

Biography of Ankit Bhati – Biography of Ola co-founder Ankit Bhati

Ankit Bhati was born in the year 1987 in Jodhpur. He currently lives in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He had a lot of talent since childhood. Those who sit in a corner and spend their time coding. Wah likes to spend his free time playing video games with his friends. Ankit Bhati is actively present in all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

During his school, he was not much interested in other activities. Like sports dance etc. He was more interested in these computers than most. Ankit used to spend most of his time in the computer center. Ankit Bhati was more interested in computer than other people instead of spending his free time playing some game on his own so he used to spend most of his time sitting in front of computer.

Gradually, Ankit Bhati also became the administrator of that computer center. Used to go to the computer center everyday now. It was your choice to watch them play games in the computer center. Ankit Bhati was also very fond of website making and to earn money during his college days, he did many freelance projects.

Apart from his interest in computers, he is also very fond of cycling and traveling. He mostly likes to go on adventure trips. He has also done many adventure tours with his friends. He has also shared many photos of his adventure tour on his website

Since childhood, Ankit wanted to make things easy and simple, so that common people can also take advantage of it. So Ankit Bhati with his idea of Ola cabs he has started a new platform. With the help of which people can easily rent vehicles for themselves wherever they go.

Education of Ankit Bhati

In the year 2004, Ankit Bhati joined the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. After taking up mechanical engineering, he knew early on that the field that would take him to great heights was computer programming and technology.

Later he also holds M.Tech degree in CAD & Automation. With this, he completed his master’s degree in the year 2010. During college days he has also worked on Freelines project in making website to make money. After completing his higher education in Mumbai, Ankit Bhati founded ANI Technologies in Bengaluru, Karnataka. However, Uday is known for keeping a low profile image as he is hardly seen at any event or product launch.

Personal life of Ankit Bhati

Ankit Bhati started working on several freelance projects in the year 2009. Bhati has worked in several startups like Welcome, Make Sense, QED42, etc. In April 2021 itself, Bhati has funded Noida-based antique startup Qin1 as a venture catalyst.

He is already motivated enough to start his own company and leave his official professional life. He started it in November 2010 with Ola cabs.

Ankit Bhati is a computer programmer, and has made immense contributions to the ground transportation industry. They have 6231 employees and affiliates in 633 companies located in 59 countries. Apart from this, last year 1722 new employees have joined their company.

Ankit Bhati has worked as the co-founder and former CTO officer of a company like Ola till 7 January 2022. After launching a new startup, his startup known as Nick is designed to operate as a SaaS startup. Which has been established by Nimesh Joshi. And Nagarajan supported him in this startup. Both the founders were executives at Ola and were VP and Head of Studies and Business Development, and VP and Head of Software Engineering and AI. Amnik DevOps will reportedly work on the toolchain space.

Success of Ankit Bhati

Ankit Bhati has struggled a lot while living in his old apartment near IIT Mumbai. He has also done many tests while living in this apartment for coding the Ola website. He clearly remembered the days when he used to save from his pocket to go to cyber cafes. He loved to spend his time in chat rooms to understand the world of internet better.

When Ankit Bhati joined IIT Mumbai, he spent most of his time in the computer centre. Technology has changed a lot and he strives to meet the challenges on a daily basis. His 10 years long experience has led him to face several technical glitches though he manages to try out on the team. He came to know the importance of data in which he has helped Ola deal with technical glitches and driver partners.

Ankit Bhati and ANI Technologies

Ankit Bhati is also known as the founder of ANI, Technology. He founded the company in the year 2010 along with his college senior Bhavish Agarwal. ANI Technology Pvt Ltd is online transportation company. It provides cab booking, booking and hiring service. OLA cabs is a portal of ANI Technology and it serves customers across the globe.

Ola company was started on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. Ola was initially launched to offer holiday packages and weekend trips on Later this idea turned into his business. Which we know today as Ola cabs.

Working under Ola cabs, Ankit Bhati has worked as the Chief Technical Officer of Ola cabs to ensure a fast, convenient and seamless experience for its customers and partners. Ankit Bhati had said that his morning at KOLA used to start with understanding the information. The ritual began with one getting to see the end of the rides offered by Ola every day and see which one has gotten the most Karsan. Also Read – Biography of Sameer Nigam, Founder of PhonePe

In addition, they take into account customer needs, driver ratings, find out the fastest route for drivers, calculate the time taken by drivers to reach a point, whether a passenger would be willing to share a ride, and all these things. It was their responsibility to look after them. In all these complications, Ankit Bhati understood the problems faced by the Ola company and solved it.

Ola cabs is one of the fastest growing company and startup in India. The company’s technical team today employs more than 1000 people.

Controversy related to Ankit Bhati

In the year 2017, Ola cabs acquired food delivery startup Foodpanda to rival Uber Eats. Some serious disputes arose between Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati when Ankit had agreed to a contract to deliver food through Foodpanda through Ola cabs.

It was also told that Bhavish Agarwal had a big problem with the delivery of food through Ola Cabs. Speculations again rife on Bhavish Agarwal banning Ankit in Ola Electrics. Ankit was a small part of it through ANI Technology. Ola Electric is Bhavesh’s project to build a network of electric charging stations across the country. Bhavesh Agarwal has bought 92.5 percent of Ola Electric. Then Ankit decided to distance himself from the company. However, the distance and split of Ola founders is nothing more than baseless rumors as far as rumours. Bhavish Aggarwal has said all these things in a report.

Ankit Bhati currently holds 762000 shares of Ola Company. Which is equivalent to about 25% stake in the company. Apart from this, Ankit Bhati also has 166000 shares, which is equal to 6% stake in the US operations of Ola Company.

Ankit Bhati and AMNIC Startup

At the end of the year 2017, Ankit Bhati started making distance from Ola. Ankit Bhati was last seen during a program of Ola play. By the end of 2017, he had almost decided to call it quits with Ola. But there is no official statement regarding this. As we mentioned above that Ankit Bhati is still associated with Ola and holds around 30% stake.

Most media reports say that Ankit Bhati had just taken a short break during that time. During that time Ankit Bhati has planned for a new startup AMNIC. Which has been established by Ankit Bhati along with two other executives of Ola, Nimesh Joshi and Satya Nagarajan. AMNIC Technology is focused on the SaaS segment in the Devops toolchain space, according to a report published on 8 January 2022. Apart from this, media reports also said that we Amnic company will raise $15 million to $20 million as a part of its seed round as a disciple from Sequoia Capital.

Zauba Corp already has or company listed from 3 June 2021. Which is involved in other computer related activities. Such as maintaining the website of other companies and creating multimedia presentations etc. However, confirmation from the alleged founders is still awaited.

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