Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram will be closed arbitrarily! All complaints of users will be Solve

Preparations have been made for major changes in IT Rules 2021. The government is going to make important changes in the rules to impose on the arbitrariness of social media companies. After this, it will be easy to deal with the complaints of the users.


  • The government has made preparations to stop the arbitrariness of social media platforms.
  • Important changes will be made in IT Rules 2021 and an appellate committee will be formed.
  • After the change of rules, it will be easier to settle the complaints of the users.

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The government has geared up to stop the arbitrariness of social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. IT Rules 2022 is going to be implemented soon, in which there is a provision to constitute an appellate committee to hear the complaints of social media users. According to the report, the government is going to set up this appellate committee to settle the complaints of the users. This committee will deal with the complaints made regarding other issues including the content of the users. Also Read – Government brought guidelines for social media influencers, violation will attract a fine of 50 lakhs

An appellate committee consisting of three members will be constituted

However, according to the IT Rules 2021 implemented last year, Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) and Twitter have created a self-regulated grievance appeal framework to deal with user complaints. It is now preparing to change this and set up a three-member Grievance Appellate Committee. Also Read – Twitter is bringing in-app currency coins, creators will get help in earning

This panel will be formed by making changes in the Digital Media Ethics Code i.e. IT Rules 2021 that came last year. After this change is made in IT Rules 2021, social media platforms will have to be acknowledged within 24 hours of the user complaining and the problem will have to be resolved in 15 days. Also Read – These big changes will happen in Twitter’s user interface from this week, Elon Musk announced

Users will be able to complain in these cases

On social media platforms, users will be able to report posts ranging from child sexual abuse material to nudity, trademark, copyright infringement, rumor or fake information, threatening content, posts affecting the unity and integrity of the country, etc. If any user is not satisfied with the action taken by the Grievance Officer of the social media companies on the complaints, then they will be able to file their complaint with the Appellate Committee within 30 days. According to the report, after this change is made in the rules, one or more panels can be constituted for the disposal of complaints.

Preparation of Judicial Framework

In February last year, the government brought IT Rules 2021 to regulate news portals, OTT platforms, and apps, along with social media platforms. In the new rules, the complaints of the users were not being redressed properly even after setting up a redressal committee to settle the complaints of the users, after which the rules are being changed. The government is now preparing a judicial system for this by changing these rules.

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