What Is WiFi? How Wifi Invented?

In the world of internet, WiFi technology is used in many places to connect people to the internet easily. WiFi is probably one thing without which the world would not be able to enjoy the internet. In a research it has been found that there are 3.8 billion internet users all over the world and around 8 billion gadgets are connected to the internet every day. Out of so many gadgets, some gadgets connect to the internet using packet data, while some are connected to the internet using WiFi technology. Friends, today in this article we are going to give information about How was Wifi Invented? Along with this, in this article, we will also get information about how WiFi was invented and how it works?

How Wifi Invented

How was WiFi invented?

People have different stories behind the invention of WiFi. Someone says that WiFi was invented by different people, then someone considers it a coincidence, then there are some people who believe that due to the efforts of a team of researchers, we are able to use WiFi today. Huh.

In the early 1900s, Australian radio astronomer John O’Sullivan and a group of promising scientists wanted to prove that Stephen Hawking’s theory on evaporating black holes and their radio waves was correct. His research showed that these short waves and their subsequent signals can travel great distances. But it was difficult to separate these smaller waves from the stronger ones. Thus, these researchers thought of creating a device in which the device could separate small waves from strong waves. Also can help in identifying the radio waves of black holes. But unfortunately they failed. Also Read – What is Digilocker? | How to create Account in Digilocker?

The next notable figure, known as the “Father of WiFi“, is Vic Hayes. He is credited with the invention of WiFi. He was one of the founders of the 802.11 standards, a set of standards that ensure truly wireless communications work. Before you guys even understood the concept of wireless communication, Vic was already thinking about expanding such technology. But this technology needed to be patented.

In the year 1922, researchers John Sullivan, Graham Daniels, Terence Parcevall, Diethelm Ostie, John Dean, who were working in the CSIRO company. He thought of carrying on the effort made by John Sullivan. Together, all these researchers made a kind of chip, which could pick up the weakest radio signal. This is how WiFi was first invented by these researchers.

WiFi was invented in the year 1997. Even though many people have a hand behind its invention, but the invention of WiFi had revolutionized everything related to the Internet.

What is Wifi?

Do you know that WiFi is a meaningless word. So many people say that WiFi means wireless fidelity. But Phil Belanger, one of the founders of the world’s largest WiFi Alliance, denies this. They say that the name WiFi is just an abbreviation which does not mean anything. However, WiFi started in the year 1997. But till the year 1999 it was not known as “Wifi”.

WiFi is a device for accessing networks and the Internet with the help of radio waves. It works to provide wireless internet to mobile phones located around the WiFi access point. The biggest feature of this technology is that its speed is much faster than the speed offered by normal service providers, which depend on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards. Also known as 802.11 protocol. The newest of these protocols is 802.11ag, which was released in the year 2018. Nowadays you can see the use of this technology in things like smartphones, laptops and computers, television etc.

How does WiFi work?

You can consider WiFi as a great networking technology. Radio-frequency signals work wonders for sending this information. This technology is embedded in your mobile phone, smartphone, laptop and television and many more modern devices along with it. You can create a network of your gadgets with the help of this technology. Or you can connect your gadgets to the world of the Internet. When a connection is made then communication can take place between these gadgets.

Just like if you listen to the radio, all the channels running in the radio work on a different radio-frequency. And make a network on that frequency. WiFi also creates a similar network.

Similarly, your devices can pick up such high-frequency signals to connect to the Internet. And they are also capable of sending high frequency signals. In this way we name this whole network as WiFi. Basically WiFi operates on two frequency signals, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths. 2.4GHz can travel very far and WiFi can be picked up through thick walls. The 5GHz band has faster connection speeds over shorter distances. But OR generally experiences more interference.

Why do we need a WiFi router for internet connection?

First things first, WiFi never magically appears over the air. For this we need WiFi signal which comes from WiFi chip. This is the reason why your gadgets require a wireless router to connect to the internet.

A wireless router is a piece of equipment that is connected to the Internet via an Internet cable or modem from the very group. The router broadcasts a WiFi signal that connects and transmits information to the Internet. While carrying this information, your router does the hard work of decoding this information. The adapter in whatever device you’re using picks up this broadcast signal, receives the decoded information, and sends it back to your router to go out on the Internet. Essentially, your router is like a middleman, or you can say it acts like a dispatcher, between your gadgets and the internet.

Does WiFi work the same way as the Internet?

This means that WiFi is not the same as the Internet. We often mix these two words together but in reality, they are two different things.

WiFi is a frequency signal that allows us to connect to the Internet. The same Internet, also known as Wide Area Network (WAN), is a vast network of networks. It connects different local networks together through multiple routers and forms a global connection. I also want to tell you a fun fact that many people don’t even know that the Internet actually originated from California.

Has WiFi changed the meaning of internet connection in the last few years?

In the early 2000s, WiFi connection became very popular among people. During that time people have used WiFi connection to speed up their internet speed and find means of entertainment while using internet. Many people who like to be always connected to the internet believe that the invention of WiFi is a miraculous event. Which has helped us cross unimaginable technological frontiers.

In the year 1997 when WiFi was created. At that time WiFi basically worked on 802.11 protocol, its speed was 2 megabytes per second. And in the last few years it became even faster and its speed was up to 11 megabytes per second in the year 1999. By the year 2012, the protocol 802.11a had arrived, which increased its speed to 54Mbit/s. Similarly, we can see that new changes were made in the protocol continuously and its speed also increased. WiFi 6 has arrived in the year 2020. Which is the latest protocol of WiFi protocol. Which works on the protocol 802.11ax and its speed runs at 9.6Gbps. In this way it is able to provide us internet connection at higher speed.


In this article of ours today, we have provided information about How Wifi Invented? How was WiFi invented? We have also given information about how it works. Vic Hayes is known as the father of WiFi. But, he could not get his device patented. After this, WiFi chip was made for the first time in the year 1997 by some team of researchers. By the year 1999, this technology was started to be used by the population of almost all over the world.

The original protocol of WiFi is 802.11, today we have reached the WiFi 6 generation of WiFi. In which we are getting protocol 802.11ax so that our internet speed has reached around 9.6GBps. Research is still going on for WiFi 7 which will work on the protocol 802.11be. Technical experts believe that in this we will be able to get a speed of around 30GBps. By the year 2024, we will enter the WiFi 7th generation.

I hope that you all have liked our article today. If you have any questions and improvements related to this, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box. If you liked this article of ours, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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