What is Digilocker? | How to create Account in Digilocker?

You must have heard about DigiLocker at some time or the other. Today we are going to discuss about this in our article that after all, What is DigiLocker? What are its benefits? Why should we use Digi Locker?

What is Digilocker

It is very difficult to carry documents like driving license, Aadhaar card, PAN card etc. with you everywhere. Many times our documents are also referred to in this. If the necessary documents are lost, then we have to face a lot of problems. In such a situation, you should use the facility of DigiLocker and you can also secure your DigiLocker online digitally. Its biggest advantage is that you do not even need to go everywhere by taking your documents in physical form.

In today’s article, we will talk about what is Digilocker? What is DigiLocker? What are its benefits? And why should you use it?

What is DigiLocker?

Digital Locker or Digilocker is a virtual digital locker. In this you can keep all your important documents like pan card, driving license, voter id card, even you can keep your 10th, 12th and graduation degree certificate safe here.

It is very easy to create an account on DigiLocker, just for this it is necessary to have your Aadhaar card with you. You must have your Aadhaar card number and the phone number linked to your Aadhaar card. When you create an account in it, a verification OTP comes on your mobile and all you have to do is enter the OTP and your account will be created.

With the help of DigiLocker, you can keep many types of government certificates etc. safely and securely in it. You can easily download the Digi Locker app from Android’s Google Play Store and install it on your phone.

How to Upload Document in Digilocker? 

Uploading documents to DigiLocker is very easy. You can easily upload government documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, Driving license etc. If your Aadhaar card is linked to all these things. But still, we are telling you the step by step method below, with the help of which you will be able to upload documents easily in your DigiLocker account.

  • First of all login to your DigiLocker account. Here you will find the friends section in the personal account.
  • Here you will be able to see the first option of certificates issued by your government agency, their URL link, the date of their issue and the option to share them.
  • In the second option, you will also get the option to sign in with the details and share the certificate you have uploaded.
  • If you want to upload any certificate, then click on My Certificate.
  • After this you have to click on upload document and you choose your certificate and you can upload it here.
  • Now you can fill all the information sought here, in this way you can upload all your documents in Digital Locker.

How to create Account in Digilocker?

As we have already told all of you that it is very easy to create an account in DigiLocker. To create an account in DigiLocker, it is very important to have an Aadhaar card with you. You should also know that which phone number is linked with your Aadhaar card. Because while creating an account on your DigiLocker, an OTP is sent to it. Which is used for account verification. We are giving step by step method below, with the help of which you can easily create an account on Digi Locker for yourself.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the government digilocker.gov.in. You can search directly on Google Search by typing or .
  • As soon as a page opens in front of you, you will see the sign up option on the right side, you have to click on it.
  • Now here you have to submit all the necessary information like your name, your date of birth, your email id, password, username, your Aadhaar card number, etc. by entering the necessary details.
  • As soon as you click on the submit button, an OTP will come on your mobile phone.
  • This OTP, you have to enter your mobile number for verification.
  • After this you are asked to create your username and password.
  • In this way, you will be able to create your own password, username and account in DigiLocker very easily.

What are the benefits of DigiLocker?

DigiLocker or Digital Locker is a type of virtual locker. Which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015. About which the government claimed that once you have uploaded all your documents in the locker, there will be no need to keep them in physical form. That is, you will not have to handle them on paper.

You can upload and keep all government documents here. And if required, you can also remove this document from here. So let’s know what are the benefits you can get from DigiLocker.

  • Through the Digital Block Tax Scheme of the Central Government, you can keep all your educational documents, identity and address certificates, caste certificates, etc. safe here.
  • If you are going to give interview then you can give a link there so that your documents will be checked easily.
  • The biggest advantage of DigiLocker is that for this you do not need to carry documents in paper form.
  • The biggest advantage of DigiLocker is that there is no need to physically carry the documents. The correctness of the documents uploaded here by us is certified by the concerned department.
  • You can also sign to increase their authenticity. You can also share the link from here with any registered request.

How secure is DG Locker?

Under Rule 9A of the IT Act 2000, all the documents issued by the government through DigiLocker have also been recognized as original documents. Here an online log file has been created for all your documents. This locker can be your aadhaar card, mobile number or user id and password correct login.

To login in this, OTP comes on your mobile number or mobile number linked to your Aadhaar, you can open DigiLocker only after verification of this OTP.

Here you can see your document. This means that the online locker is as secure as your bank locker. That’s why it is considered safer than ordinary documents.

How to reset DigiLocker password?

If you forget your DigiLocker username and password, you don’t need to panic. You can easily reset the password of DigiLocker.

You can go to DigiLocker and click on forgot password and on this option you can submit by entering your mobile number and Aadhaar card number. An OTP will come on your mobile number through which you can login. In this way you can also reset your password.

How much storage is provided in DigiLocker?

DigiLocker was launched in the year 2015, during that time the storage in it was very less. But gradually its storage capacity has also been increased. You are given 1GB of cloud storage to keep your documents safe on Online Digital Locker.

In this, you can easily upload file documents of 10, 20 MB. You can only upload .Pdf, .JPEG, .JPG, and .PNG files to DigiLocker, apart from this, DJ Locker does not support any other file type.

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