What to do if UPI transaction are getting failed?

Nowadays digital banking is mostly being used by the people. In which people are using UPI (Unified Payment Interference) for everything from small purchases to online shopping. Jalandhar payments are successful when paid through most of the UPI apps available in the market and the money gets transferred to the recipient’s bank account instantly. But, there are times when you try hard to send money to another account but fail again and again. What should you do in such a situation? In this article of ours today, we will get information about What to do if UPI transactions are getting failed?

What to do if UPI transaction are getting failed?

There can be many reasons behind the failure of UPI transaction such as you have entered a wrong UPI PIN, you have entered wrong account number and details of the payee, you have not received the relevant account information, or the balance or daily You have made UPI payment in excess of the limit. These are some of the reasons that cause you to get frequent transaction failures through UPI.

If you use any type of UPI payment system and your UPI transaction is failing again and again, then you should know some important information related to it.

What to do if UPI transaction fails?

As we have already mentioned a little above about this. If your UPI transaction is failing again and again, it could be due to the following reasons:-

  1. You might have exceeded your daily UPI payment limit.
  2. You may have insufficient funds in your bank account.
  3. You might have entered wrong UPI PIN.
  4. You have given wrong payee details and account number.

If your UPI transaction is getting failed again and again then it could be because of some of the following reasons that you are not able to make the payment.

What is Daily UPI Limit – What is the daily payment limit through UPI?

The daily payment limit for UPI has been set by NPCI. Once this payment limit is exceeded, you cannot pay money. This could be one of the reasons why the transactions you do through UPI are failing time and again.

  • You can send money up to ₹100000 in 1 day through UPI.
  • You can send money up to 10 times per day through any UPI app.
  • If you pay through peer peer merchant then the maximum limit for this is ₹2000.
  • The same P2M under which Verified Exclusive Category comes if you pay then its maximum limit is ₹200000.
  • If you try to pay through the QR code shared, you can pay only up to a maximum of ₹2000.

This is some of the daily payment limits imposed by UPI. About which it is very important for you to know.

Insufficient funds in your bank account?

Many times it happens that we do not know how much money is there in our bank account. However, when we try to pay someone, in such a situation, the transaction done repeatedly through UPI may fail. Before doing UPI transaction, you must ensure that you have sufficient balance in your savings bank account.

You can get the balance details of your savings bank account by clicking on Check Account Balance on the UPI app.

Maybe you have entered wrong UPI PIN?

The biggest problem with most people comes from something. People forget their UPI PIN. And by repeatedly entering wrong UPI PIN, it goes into the category of suspicious transaction. Because of which many UPI apps can block your transaction for 24 hours.

If you have forgotten your UPI PIN, you can create a new UPI PIN again by going to your UPI app and clicking on Forgot UPI PIN. Do note that if you enter wrong PIN more than 3 times, your UPI account may be suspended for 24 hours.

Maybe you have entered the wrong recipient details?

If you are sending money to any person on his/her bank account, then before sending money, make sure that you have entered the correct account number, bank name, IFSC Code, etc.

If you enter the wrong IFSC code, the payment request is failed by the bank. Apart from all this, the payment may also fail due to some technical problems usually in the banking system. If you have such a problem, wait for at least an hour or two before doing the transaction again, after that do the transaction again.

What to do if money is deducted from your account during a UPI transaction and does not reach the recipient?

This problem happens to many people while doing UPI transactions. Many times after doing UPI transaction money gets deducted from your account? But the money does not reach the recipient. What can you do in such a situation?

In such a situation most of the transactions which get stuck. Some of those transactions also get reversed immediately. But according to the limit set by RBI, if any such incident happens in your UPI transaction, then this transaction deducted amount is re-deposited in your account within 7 days. Also Read – How does ATM work? | History of ATM | How Many Types Of ATM Machines?


In this article of ours today, we have given information about what to do if UPI transaction fails? What to do if UPI transactions are getting failed? Apart from this, we have also given information to all of you in our article that if money is deducted from your account, then what should you do in such a situation.

There can be many reasons behind the failure of a UPI transaction. As you have crossed your daily payment limit, you might have entered wrong payee details. Apart from all this, even if you forget your UPI PIN, your transaction may fail. Sometimes the problem of UPI transaction failure also arises due to other technical reasons in the banking system.

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